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Let us help your clients be impressed with you! Transform what your mind is capable of imagining for a promotional tool, discover our world of customized USB flash drives! Our mission at USBMODELS is to help other companies with their promotional needs or file distribution. We also believe in the power of a good brand image and the importance of creating a strong corporate culture to improve results. Quality is our obsession, and the design and originality is our passion. We are a group of professionals committed to our work, but especially to our customers, and yours. For this reason, we work hard at customizing our products and customer services to the fullest. Each customer is unique to us. We also know that time is money, and that is why we try to be as available as possible for your questions and/or needs. We will not rest until we meet our goal; your success.

What do we do?

USBMODELS is a provider of USB flash drives at an international level. We design, customized and adapt logos, forms or anything thought that might cross your mind ... And when we say anything, we mean it. You mark the limits. Try it out!

USBMODELS designs and manufactures custom USB flash drives for your business, event or any promotional need you can think of. We are always looking for new challenges with our 4 pillars that we work by: design, quality, originality and a job well done. Add value to your promotional events with a useful, unique and safe product, designed especially for you.

Our process is simple: Simply send us an idea, a product or a logo and we will come up with a virtual sample. Once approved, it will be sent into production and in a few days ... VOILA! Your custom USB flash drive will arrive in your hands. Our deliveries are fast, very fast, without hassle and always 100% guaranteed to be delivered on time.

“Never keep in your head something that fits in a pocket.”- Albert Einstein

Why trust USBModels?

The good thing about choosing a custom USB drive with USBMODELS is that your customers will always lead you in the 'memory '! Or else, in your pocket.

Experience in the business and technology sector since 2007 where over 10,000 customers have trusted us for the promotional image of their company.

International scope: Currently we are present in 12 countries and have clients in over 25 countries worldwide.

Ensure functionality: These small devices are portable, easy to use, can be shared, and with our help can be very attractive. Add value and creativity to a work tool and turn it into an effective weapon of promotion!

We sell quality: USBMODELS uses prime quality materials, providing a lifetime warranty. If you choose an item to represent your brand, it should be done the right way.

Personal attention: Our service is personalized and dedicated exclusively to each client.We also have a counseling department to help in the process of design and customization of your personal USB drive.